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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Updated: May 12, 2021

Let's build an Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS) TOGETHER! No previous experience required.

***NEW*** Build Group launched. Click HERE to join if you want to play a role!

This is the drum for our project.
Our 45 Gallon Drum!

Drum smokers are one of the best smokers for home smoking beginners to use, principally because they are versatile but are typically simple in their construction and operation.

UDS with a decent gauge of steel tend to be more forgiving when managing / holding temperature, because their single shell construction (with only a few intake and exit vents) helps avoid heat (and smoke!) loss.

Sure you can buy one! But it's much more fun to make one yourself.

So.... want to join the UDS Pit Crew?

Picture of a completed UDS with accessories.
UDS (Pit Barrel) Smokers

How Will it Work?

Well, I've never built a smoker cooperatively before, usually solo projects! However, in simple terms...

  1. We'll have a list of activities and items required to bring our UDS to life.

  2. Anyone who contributes one (or more) of the required elements will book their place at the Ceremonial Unveiling, Completion Cook & Naming Event (Beer & BBQ supplied).

  3. All contributors will also receive a 50% off voucher for one of our Home Smoking Masterclasses.

  4. Although the smoker will remain part of the Meat Monsters line up all contributors will have "timeshare" access to the smoker for use at home!

Who can participate?

Anyone. No previous experience needed. Pick something on the list (when published) that works for you and lend a hand. The Monster in Chief (Alistair) & Deputy Pit Boss (Jamie) will coordinate the project and provide the design. We've already procured the drum!

When will we do it?

Step one will be to produce the design and then the subsequent materials and task list. We'll do that in the next week or two. We'll then publish the list and a basic timeline \ plan and see how we get on filling up the slots. Ideally we'd like to get this finished by the end of June so folks will get 2-3 summer months of use.

ALREADY INTERESTED? Email to register your interest and we will keep you directly updated via group email.

Will it work? Who knows but we're going to build it regardless! Stay tuned for phase one Design Phase!



Pit Boss & Monster in Chief.

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