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Meat Monsters is an authentic smokehouse and BBQ business based in Ellon in Aberdeenshire.  It started from a kernel of an idea years ago, born out of genuine love for producing great BBQ as a hobby, which grew into a bit of an obsession.  The pit boss Alistair has spent years smoking low and slow, increasingly enjoying the process and the science behind it, as much as the eating!  In his past life, Alistair was lucky to travel extensively for work and spent a great deal of time in the southern states of the USA and places like South Africa, where BBQ and “Braai” are kings, and it really rubbed off.


So when the opportunity presented itself, he and his family decided to take a big chance on a second career, and Meat Monsters was born.

At Meat Monsters we want to do things differently, operating with a real conscience in terms of our packaging waste and the local sourcing of produce, services and supplies.  With ambitions to use renewable energy to power as much of our operation as we can.

Simply put, can we do something we love AND be successful if we....

  • Make sure 100% of our takeaway food packaging is compostable. 

  • Compost as much of our takeaway packaging and food waste as possible, so it ends up back on fields as fertiliser and not into landfill or onward to the oceans.  

  • Look FIRST to local suppliers of products, produce and services for the things the business needs, ensuring we are supporting the local community and helping our operation to be more sustainable.

  • Work hard to assure the welfare of livestock in our food chain.

  • Try and use renewable energy to become more self-sufficient and minimise our use of power generated in unsustainable ways?


Can we do all that and still create a commercially viable business?  With your help we can!

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