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If time was dynamite, I wouldn't have enough to blow the hat off a gnome.

But I'm not complaining, you can trust me 100% on that.

We may have a lot going on, but it's pointing at some real signs of post-Covid change. We're still scared to relax and hope for better times, so lets just say at present, we are hoping to hope.

So what's in the diary?

June 20th - Fathers Day Brunchfast

We've got the mother of all fathers day breakfast treats.

It's not the Full Monty, its THE FULL MONSTER (click HERE)

July 18th - Masterclass (Sold Out!)

Our first masterclass in well over a year!

It's one of the things I love doing most

in the smokehouse and I've missed them.

August Masterclasses (Filling up!)

If you want to start your own low and slow BBQ

journey at home click HERE

Ugly Drum Smoker - Cooperative Build

Kicked that off this month and running through

to End July \ August (click HERE)

Dine-In and Party Orders Are Back!

It is genuinely great to have folks back in the smokehouse

and to see folks being able to start partying again at home!

Check our website for all the info on organising that.

New Menu Items

A ton of work going on in the background!

We've added BBQ beans, and soon to add our "Corn Ribs".

Desserts are close to launch too. Busy, busy.

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