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Prizes, Price Rises & Performance

Our new app is up and running! Click HERE if you've yet to download it.

For the first time we can proactively set and manage the number of delivery and collection slots in every time period.

With it comes some new menu items, menu concepts AND some important functionality that should help us add capacity and improve our collection and delivery performance.

In particular, the ability to set the maximum number of delivery and collection slots in any one period will help us smooth out demand and avoid bottlenecks.

More importantly, it gives us the ability to start rewarding the hundreds of you who order from us week in and week out with our new loyalty scheme. Every pound you spend generates points and of course... points mean prizes!

From the app, you can see what rewards are on offer, how many points you've accumulated and also take a quick look back at your receipts if needs be.

Of course, you can start a new order from the app too by simply clicking the rocket.

It also heralds our first significant menu price rises since we opened in 2019. The principal reason behind the price rise is the cost of our main ingredient, the meat. This year has been a double whammy for us, not only dealing with the brutal impact of covid but with the consequences of Brexit too.

Beef prices are rising in all corners of the UK

One good example is our BIG spare ribs, which in the absence of a UK supply we source in Europe. Earlier this year, the price per kilo for ribs alone rose by 70p.

It's not great. With the UK facing unprecedented economic impact from the pandemic, we are acutely aware of the squeeze on personal income. So what are we doing to help mitigate the price rises?

Effective immediately we are removing our delivery charge.

Delivery and collection have kept us afloat during the lockdown, so this is

a way that we can reduce some of our ordering cost and give a little back in that regard.

We have minimised any increase or frozen the price of our kids' meals and where we have introduced new menu items like the B.Y.O.B.O.E we have made sure there are cost-friendly options.

Finally, we have minimised any of the price rises as much as is humanly possible, keeping the total increase in our dish prices to under 1 pound.

Because of our commitment to our compostable packaging (and its composting) and our determination to assure the welfare of the meat we use, we have been at a competitive disadvantage from traditional takeaways from the get-go.

The easy route would be to start dumping those commitments and changing our approach. However, if we can't make it work in the way we aspire to, then frankly, we won't be working it at all.

So, there you have it! New app to help us improve performance, new menu items in response to your requests and unfortunately some price increases where necessary. What will not change however is our determination to provide the very best BBQ we can. We may not always get it 100% perfect, but we will always give 100% in its pursuit.

Very kind regards,

Monster in Chief & Crew

Meat Monsters of Ellon

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