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No Secret Squirrels Here!

As Cat Stevens once sang...

I was once like you are now
And I know that it's not easy.
To be calm, when you've found,
something going on... with your brisket

[Editor: Er..... don't remember that last Lyric Chief]

Well, close enough. Anyway, the time is now, the place is here and with a genuine sense of happiness in my smoking soul, I can announce the resumption of our Home Smoking Masterclasses!

You're still young, that's your fault
There's so much you have to know
Watch your temp, dial it down..

[Editor: Right... stop that!]

Ok, bloody spoil sport. Anyway, I mean it when I say this is one of the things I love most about our smokehouse. The chance to spend a day with like minded ladies and gents sharing my own experience, knowledge and advice on starting your own home smoking journey.

With our modern lives constantly running at 100 miles an hour there is something genuinely beneficial to be required to slow...... down.

Great BBQ is a sustainable form of cooking because it takes less desirable cuts of meat and turns them into fine dining wonders. BUT you have to smoke them low and slow to get there. No real shortcuts.

Most asked question when i'm chatting with folks in the smokehouse - "What got you into this?

Answer - Warm summer days (and nights) tending a smoker on a 12hr cook, with a couple of beers and great company in the form of some wonderful BBQ books like Aaron Franklin's "A Meat-Smoking Manifesto"

My butcher @JohnDavidsonscom (no mean Pit Boss himself) once called me the "Ellon Franklin". Probably the best compliment someone has ever given me, and yet is bloody meaningless to 90% of my family and friends :-)

So, if you want the complete download, the hard won experience, the tips and tricks of mastering smoking at home. If you want those "I wish I'd known that back then" nuggets of BBQ wisdom, there's no secret squirrels here. Just someone delighted to share their genuine, bonafide passion, and a couple of beers.

See you in the smokehouse. Alistair, Pit Boss & Monster in Chief.

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