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Here comes 10,000

It all started in a 500sqm derelect workshop in 2019. Even our soon-to-be landlord Stephen thought we were crazy when I told him what we were going to build inside the space.

But we percivered and slowly, out of the shell of this former joiners workshop and @brewdogofficial keg store, the Meat Monsters Smokehouse was born.

There was many a labour of love along the way. Including the marathon job of cleaning our wonderful steel roof frame (manufactued in Motherwell) and hanging on to the industrial floor grinder for hours.

With the support of family and friends though we've managed to get something really special off the ground. Despite the brutal impact of covid.

Oh, and 10,000? Well sometime in the next couple of weeks we'll hit our 10,000th online order. To do that a year after it looked like the dream was over, because of factors outside of our control, is a genuine testament to the support of the local community.

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