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3000 of us Crossing the Rubicon

This weekend will be the last on our current online ordering platform. We currently have 3000 users signed up for our existing app and we're hoping they take the leap with us and move next week.

Our new app and online ordering platform is really going to help us improve customer experience and manage demand far more effectively.

Traditionally we've had to manage stock manually between purchases in the smokehouse and those online. With our new app we will have one source of stock regardless of where the order is placed.

In addition we can proactively manage the number of delivery and collection slots available avoiding log jams and spreading demand more evenly through service.

This should ensure fewer and shorter delays when you are collecting your food at peak times.

The new app is also giving us the opportunity to expand our menu offering in response to requests we've received from our customers. A good example is the request to be able to "Build Your Own" B.O.E.

In addition we are adding the ability for customers to "self-serve" in relation to party orders, providing they are placing their orders within the correct notice period.

You'll be able to order large quantities of our smoked meat hot and ready to go, along with our slaw and sauces.

We can even supply you with compostable waste bags, plates and cutlery with the offer of returning all your used packaging and food waste to us for onward composting. A super easy way to clean up after your party!

One of the biggest news items is the introduction of a loyalty scheme for all our app users. The support we've had over the last year or so, helping us keep our heads above water has been humbling. So we are giving back.

Every pound you spend means points and points mean prizes! Get merch, produce and money off vouchers when you collect enough points.

So it's time to cross the rubicon, whose coming!?

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1 Comment

Apr 17, 2021

I’m on the other side....It’s great over here come on over,!!!

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